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The European IDemocracy project team had a meeting in Zagreb.

The meeting has been shared and reviewed the overall training plan

and materials for training people with intellectual disabilities and supporters.


During the meeting we were visited by Mira Pekeč Knežević.

Mira is the assistant to the Croatian Ombudsman.

and told about the work of the Ombundsman

in the protection of the rights of persons with disabilities.

For the second time during the ERASMUS+ project IDEMOCRACY (N° 2020-1-ES01-KA204-083066) implementation, the project consortium met in person on the 4th transnational meeting. The meeting was organised by the Croatian Association of occupational therapists in Zagreb from March 29th to 31st.

Project partners were grateful to have this face to face opportunity to talk more about the training activities that have been developed during the past months. Every partner has presented the content of the five developed module’s in our IDEMOCRACY training and explored the e-training portal. As a part of the train the trainers content, partners which developed a module have presented and trained others in ways of carrying out activities within the training program module. This will enable all to provision the activities with final users and standardised way. As some partners have more experience with the target group we also shared insight as well as the raised awareness of the needed amendments of the activities to be well suited for the target population/s, persons with intelectual disabilities, their care takers and professionals working with them.

One section of the meeting was attributed to sharing practices related to use of democratic rights of persons with intelectual disabilities of the country which is hosting the meeting. So due to longstanding cooperation between Croatian association of occupational therapists and the Office of the Croatian Ombundsman for person with disability, deputy of the Croatian ombundsman for person with disability, mrs. Mira Pekeč Knežević, joined the consortium meeting. Mrs Pekeč Knežević presented scope of practice of the Office of the Croatian Ombundsman for persons with disability, development and contemporary practices which are present. As the Office is at the moment in the process of presenting The human rights situation of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Croatia for 2021., deputy Pekeč Knežević shared information about services ensured for persons with intelectual disabilities, but also situation with inclusion in mainstream schools of the children with developmental delay and employment status of the persons with disabilities with emphasis to person with intelectual disabilities. Partner organisations from Spain, Portugal, Lithuania and France presented their solutions for children with developmental delay and employment. Also, all partner organisation presented how IDEMOCRACY project and its outcomes can contribute to raising the use of democratic rights by persons with intelectual disabilities.

During their free time, consortium partners explored Zagreb, its traditions, cultural and social and political context.


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