EDRA football activity


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June was marked
by the second Panhellenic Mental Health Football Championship,
organized by EDRA.

On Monday, 27th of June, spectacle and many goals were given to us by the beneficiaries of the organizations @EPAPSY K.H., Franco Basaglia, AMALTHEIA and EDRA at the stadium of “Hermis – Ano Liossia” in a football celebration, in the context of the Panhellenic Championship for Mental Health, organized for the 2nd time by K.S.D.E.O. “EDRA” (Social Cooperative Activities for Vulnerable Groups) and the Hellenic Football Federation. Our next appointment is in the city of Lamia on Thursday, 30th of June, where mental health agencies from various regions of Greece will take part in!

Stay tuned for more: https://www.edra-coop.gr/en/


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