FRANCE – The disability compensation benefit will be extended to people with mental disabilities in 2023
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By 2023, people who are deaf-blind
or have a mental, mental or cognitive disability
living in France
will be able to receive funding for a life assistant
to support them in everyday life.

As of January 1, 2023, deaf-blind people or people with a psychological, mental or cognitive disability will be able to benefit from the financing of a life assistant to accomplish acts of daily life, such as shopping, taking public transportation or carrying out administrative procedures.

Human assistance may be granted if the person with a disability has difficulty in:

  • Managing stress when faced with unexpected events;
  • Managing their social interactions;
  • Planning, organizing, initiating, executing and managing the time of usual or unusual activities;
  • Performing “multiple tasks” of daily living, such as preparing a meal or going to a medical appointment.

The person with a disability may also be accompanied in the public transport.

Human assistance time for autonomy support can be up to 3 hours per day and will be allocated in the form of time credit over a period of 12 months.  This time consists of accompanying the person in carrying out his or her activities, without carrying them out in his or her place, particularly for household activities. This service can be combined with needs covered under another scheme, for example those related to professional activity or participation in social life.


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