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The IDemocracy Project will finish soon.
IDemocracy is a European training project
which aims that people with intellectual disabilities
know their democratic rights.

People with intellectual disabilities and their supporters
have validated the training materials
and have learned a lot about their rights.

This project has an important digital side.
Participants have also checked the website
where the IDemocracy course will be found.

This project will end this October.

The IDemocracy Project is at its final stages. During the last few months validation sessions for the project have been organized in every country that participates in the project. More than 100 people, among whom there are people with intellectual disabilities and their supporters, have evaluated the program and the training materials, as well as the “IDemocracy e-Training Tool”. The activity has been done alongside each one of the participants (France, Portugal, Greece, Lithuania, Croatia and Spain). 

The validation sessions have been carried out in 2 different levels. On the one hand, the quality of the “IDemocracy Training Activities”, training materials and e-Training Platform was evaluated. On the other hand, it was checked whether the trainees had acquired the targeted competences or not.

IDemocracy has stablished learning objectives which address the development of the competences of persons with intellectual disabilities and their supporters. These competences are related to the exercise of the democratic rights of the people with intellectual disabilities in the Digital Society. This project organized by the European Union will conclude in October 2022.

For further information about this project, check this website: 


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