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3rd of December is the Day
of People with Disabilities.
It is a date to celebrate and to claim.

In recent years,
the associative movement has made great achievements
for the life of people with intellectual
and their families.

From Plena Inclusion,
we chose several milestones or achievements to celebrate
and challenges that remain to achieve.

On the occasion of Disability Day,
and during the whole month of December,
we will be talking about them.

Plena Inclusion CV participated in the reading of the manifesto.
In this manifesto, disability organisations ask for some changes.
For example, that the concept of Person with Disability should appear in the Spanish Constitution.

hitos y retos día discapacidad

On the occasion of Disability Week, Plena Inclusion joins the rest of the disability movement to remember the importance of the inclusion of people with disabilities.


During the month of December, a campaign will be disseminated on social networks campaign which, under the slogan ‘Milestones and Challenges’, highlights 5 legislative and associative achievements together with 5 pending demands that refer to the fundamental rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Maribel Cáceres, vice-president of Plena Inclusion and one of the leaders of the State Platform of Representatives of People with Intellectual Disabilities explains the meaning of this action: “we want to value what has been achieved. Spain has come a long way in recent years as a society in terms of inclusion. But we are not satisfied. There is still a long way to go for full inclusion”.


For more information on the campaign, visit the website: https://www.plenainclusion.org/l/hitos-y-retos/


In addition, on 3 December, a person with a disability representing Plena Inclusion CV took part in the reading of the manifesto, which called for the term “handicapped” to be changed to “person with a disability” in the Spanish Constitution.


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