Third Project Meeting (Transnational)


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All the organisations of the IDemocracy project 

have been in Paris working on the project. 

In this meeting participated organisations from other countries 

such us Spain, Portugal, France, Croatia, Greece and Lithuania. 

There they discussed the contents of the project 

and they have divided the work to be done. 

They have to prepare topics on democratic rights,  

representation and participation of people with intellectual disabilities. 

Also on digital competences. 

For this purpose, within the project, is being created a website 

where this training programme will be held. 

To achieve digital competences, consolidate the democratic rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and increase their political participation, in organisations and in the community, is the aim of the IDemocracy project in which Plena Inclusion Comunidad Valenciana is participating together with other organisations from other countries: Fenacerci (Portugal), E-Seniors (France), Edra (Greece), Hurt (Croatia), Viltis (Lithuania) and UPV-ITACA (Spain).

Paris was the chosen place for the third transnational meeting of this European project and the first in person meeting after the pandemic months. A meeting in which also participated the Universitat Politecnica of Valencia, responsible for creating the digital tools of IDemocracy. During the meeting, issues such as the structure of the contents, the characteristics of the materials of each training module, the updates on the website and the work schedule to be followed until the end of the project, in October 2022, were finalised.

It’s a training programme for people with intellectual disabilities that will also have an e-training tool as a means to enable the participatory and experiential digital approach of the training methodology. A tool where people with disabilities can participate in the training activities and put into practice what they have learnt, while developing new competences.

IDemocracy is a European project implemented within the ERASMUS+ Programme that aims to increase the competences of people with intellectual disabilities and their supports, related to the exercise of the democratic rights of people with intellectual disabilities in the digital society.


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